Hunter McIntosh

Hunter Hartford McIntosh


The Boat Company

The simple fact that one person can make the world a better place through fishing is the driving force behind Hunter McIntosh’s life’s mission. Hunter is a true guardian of the environment and was passionate about conservation from an early age. Inspired by a family legacy of environmental education, philanthropy and conservation that protects our natural resources for future generations, Hunter is steadfast on preserving nature as President of The Boat Company. The Boat Company was started in 1979 by Hunter’s father with the mission of protecting the largest remaining temperate rainforest in the Northern Hemisphere: The Tongass National Forest in Southern Alaska. This mission is carried out today through their luxury eco-cruises which allow visitors to Southern Alaska to experience nature’s beauty and see first hand the importance of conservation. Offering fishing, kayaking and hiking into the wilderness daily. Hunter is proudly carrying on his family legacy of conservation and shares The Boat Company’s vision at national conferences where he has spoken on topics related to Sustainable Tourism, Fisheries Management and Habitat Restoration. He has also testified before Congress in the areas of fisheries and wildlife management, land protection and preservation.

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