Ivan Hamilton

 Hello my name is Ivan Hamilton. I live in Milton, Ontario.  Milton is a Town in southern Ontario Canada  and part of the Halton region, In the Greater Toronto Area.  Growing up in Ontario it is easy to find your self fishing and more so if you head up North for the weekends, Add a Jackson Kayak to that and there’s no looking back. I love Kayak fishing for Bass ,Topwater  Frog for Largemouth and Poppers in the River for Smallmouth.  Over the years of Kayak fishing I have come to realize that the Kayak community is full of great people and I’m proud to be part of it. Being part of the Jackson Team makes it that much better. I paddle a Jackson CUDA LT and a Jackson Kilroy. 

                                  Hope to see you on the water
                                 And keep your line in the water