Jamie Burks

I grew up in southwest Missouri in the Ozark Mountains where I spent a majority of my time hunting and fishing with my dad.  Hunting was my dad’s passion so naturally that was also mine. However the more I fished the more I fell in love with the fight and pursuit of fishing until it became one of my greatest passions. I spent many years fishing out of canoes and occasionally a kayak here and there.  Then came the Jackson Kilroy and as they say, the rest is history.  While I enjoy fishing lakes, I truly consider myself a “River Rat” and spend a majority of my time on the abundance of beautiful rivers we have here.

One of my greatest joys came when my wife finally gave kayak fishing a try a few years ago and fell in love with it also.  Now we spend as much time as we can get away with in our Jackson Kilroy’s (guys seriously get your wife into it and you can go way more) 😉