Jay Randall

Ever since I was a young boy I was fascinated with fishing. I remember seeing all the family pictures of my Dad and Grandpa with their catches of Salmon and Steelhead lined up on the lawn in front of my Grandpa’s house.  Another great inspiration in my early years was a camp counselor named Bob Mitchell.  Bob further educated my interest on how to catch fish. From there I was hooked.


I have been fishing for over 25 years and love to catch anything that will bite. I live in the Midwest in the Western suburbs of Chicago.  You can find me either on a river or a lake whether it be on a kayak or in my Bass Tracker or even on land. As long as my line is wet I am truly satisfied. I mainly target Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass but I always jump at the chance to catch a new species on my bucket list.


Traveling has broadened my fishing horizons on so many levels. I have met so many great people and hooked into some really nice fish. I love the adventure that comes with traveling to a new place having to rely on my research and instincts. I have made long lasting friendships in my travels and am look forward to meeting more people in the industry. I enjoy representing my sponsors at the outdoor expos and events and seeing what is new out there and meeting new people that also share the same love of the outdoors as myself.

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