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My name is Jacob ‘JD’ Penny, I was born and raised in San Diego California. I have been fishing ever since my Dad could get me to hold a fishing rod. I use to fish from a Ranger Bass boat with my older brother and my Dad, mostly on Lakes Jennings, Murray and Otay. A few years ago, my Dad was transferred to the Redondo Beach area, and since keeping the boat at home was no longer an option, we needed a new option. Not one day after talking about it, I found the Kayak Bassin show on TV. Needless to say, that bass boat does not get much time on the water anymore! My favorite places to fish are Sam Rayburn and the California Delta. I have been fishing out of my Coosa HD for about a year now and love it. While the HD comes rigged to fish, I have enjoyed customizing it, most recently adding a Raymarine Dragonfly. My Dad and I make several trips to the California Delta each year as well as trips back to Texas to visit family and of course, go to the lake house and fish Sam Rayburn. Kayak fishing just energizes me, while I know my Dad is never too far away, I always feel like I am the Captain of my own boat and I enjoy the freedom on the water in my Jackson Kayak.

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