Jenn Nolan

My name is Jenn Nolan. I’m a veteran of the United States Navy and a single mom to six children. We are an outdoor family as a whole and enjoy bringing fishing and outdoor education to the youth and to the families in our area. During those times we have a heavy emphasis on health, wellness and safety in the outdoors. Our self developed program,  Kidzfish2 is open for the entire community, however we do work more closely in the homeschool world being a homeschooling family ourselves.  I’ve been involved personally in competitive kayak fishing for 3 years now. My target species are slot and bull redfish.  I spend much of my time chasing them in the Texas marshes and back water.  I prefer the thrill of the hunt to find just that perfect one, over stringers and limits.  It’s not often you’ll see me in open water chasing schools but with the line of kayaks from Jackson,  I have that versatility to go from the marsh to the surf and not miss a beat. It’s not just the competitive nature nor the outreach to my community that I enjoy.  I gain a sense of peace and healing as well as build personal confidence and strength,  both physically and mentally, when I am on the water.  I am excited for the opportunity to represent Jackson Kayak in the field and in my community.

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