Jeremy Crowe

I was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. Growing up Thread Creek ran along the back of our neighborhood. I was always walking knee deep in that creek looking for places to fish, and to catch turtles. About ten years ago, my outdoor game came full circle when I picked up my first kayak and found myself on the same types of water. Essentially doing the same thing, searching for the biggest fish I can find. Not to mention getting my hands on every turtle I can. I’ve been infatuated with turtles for as long as I can remember. I’ve been known to jump out of my kayak mid tournament to get my hands on a modern-day dinosaur.

Four years ago, I met my lovely fiancé, Shannon. Although she had been fishing her entire life, I was lucky enough to introduce her not only to kayaks, but rivers as well. We have been fishing the rivers ever since. Once a year we take a six day 56-mile trip down the lower Au Sable River where we carry only what fits in our kayaks. Fishing the whole way.

Not too long after we found our way into our first River Bassin tournament, taking first place as a team. We were both hooked! We’ve been competing in all kinds of tournaments since. But we have truly found our home, competing as a team in the River Bassin Tournament Trail.

But in the end, if I’m in a kayak, on the water, I’m happy. Hope t see you there!

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