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Hey Yall! I’m Jesse Lee Cochran, a kayak angler raised in Northwest Georgia, and based in Chattanooga, TN. When I am not exposing first timers to the sport of kayak fishing at my local outfitter; you can find me exploring new waters and sharing the experiences with my wife, Cristina, and my dog, Finley. My passion for the sport began from walking the banks of West Chickamauga Creek with my Zebco 33 in one hand, and my fathers tackle box in the other.

I genuinely owe my start of fishing to my father who introduced me to the sport at a very young age, and passed his knowledge to me every chance he could. It’s the lessons of fishing that led me to become hooked on sharing the sport and blessed to be able to do so everyday of my life! I can still recall the very first time I went fishing from a kayak, and hope to never forget it. I was drawn to the idea of fishing unknown waters that others could not access easily. It’s these places that remind me of a simple lifestyle that so many have experienced for thousands of years!

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