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Hello, My name is Jim Ware and I hail from Silver Creek Ga. I have been fishing the creeks and lakes of North West Georgia since I was a small boy. My parents gave me free rein to roam the local hills and creek bottoms which helped propagate a deep desire for adventure. Being a blue collar worker I realized my childhood dreams of exploring far off places were not in the books but eight years ago with the purchase of my first kayak I discovered that I have all of the adventure and fishing I need within a half days drive from my house. I love to load my Big Rig with camping gear and do multi day fishing and camping trips. I also enjoy chasing large bass and freshwater trout, competing in kayak fishing tournaments and writing about personal adventures in my blog, River Goat Kayak Adventures. Kayak fishing has had a huge impact on my life, increased my love of nature and made me a better fisherman.

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