John Deshauteurs

With such an intense passion for fishing like I have, I can’t think of a better place to have been born and raised. Here in South Mississippi, I have been able to live out my dreams of becoming a professional kayak angler. For years I found myself glued to a TV screen on Friday nights watching the Outdoor Channel with the pros demonstrating fishing techniques, showing the latest and greatest in gear and just loving life on the water. That sparked an extreme interest in me and I knew that there had to be a place for me in the professional fishing industry. Spending hours on the river banks and back road lakes trying to catch any and everything that bit my line, I applied the things I learned from watching the pros and found that my passion is to teach others in the same ways that I was taught. Any of my free time was spent on the water. Throughout my early teen years and young adulthood, my hobby turned into a passion and my curiosity for the industry grew. In December 2012, I started documenting my kayak fishing trips. In my videos, I began to use and promote product for small local retailers. From there I have continued to pursue my passion by hosting and working outdoor trade shows, local and out of town demonstration days, annual boat shows, local kayak fishing tournaments, all while continually promoting different products that I personally use and love. I am currently enjoying the new task of writing articles and starting to shoot some kayak fishing videos that are shared on different media outlets and platforms. I have been extremely blessed to have made partnerships with industry leading companies that are excited to invest in my dreams. I have enjoyed every step of the way in my career so far and am looking forward to continued growth and experiences.