Jonathan Leavitt

Jonathan grew up right outside of Washington, DC with the Potomac River in his backyard. As a kid he essentially had to teach himself how to fish. When he bought his first spinning reel he assumed that the reel went on top just like a Zebco and fished that way for a few years until he realized that he was doing it all wrong. Even though he is right handed he still fishes with the handle on the opposite side as he calls it “backwards”.

He bought his first kayak later than most but quickly became hooked. Always having a passion for film and photography Jonathan combined his two loves and quickly became one of the leading videographers in the kayak angling community. His ingenuity for finding creative angles to film from his kayak has led to some videos that really capture the essence of fishing from a kayak. There are not many situations that he has not tried to fish from a kayak, when people say it can’t be done Jonathan has and is more than willing to prove them wrong. Complacency does not exist in his vocabulary or his way of life, his adventures continue to push the envelope and his films accurately tell the story of kayak angling. He is a humble ambassador of the sport who is always willing to pass on his knowledge especially to those new to kayak angling.

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