Justin Adam Powell

Justin is one of our fly fishing fanatics of the Jackson Family. He was first introduced to fly fishing while he was visiting Alaska as a 17 year old with his mother and sister; he’s been obsessed ever since. Justin is a professional bass player, dividing his time between North Carolina and Florida; but when he is not playing music with a bass in his hand, Justin can be found chasing fish with a fly rod in his hand.

Whether it’s stalking native brook trout in the Appalachian Mountains, or adventuring after steelhead in upstate NY and out to the Pacific Northwest, fly fishing is a passion he intends to pass along to others, especially the next generation. Kayak fly fishing came as a natural progression when he wanted to night fish the dock lights by his home in NW Florida after redfish & speckled trout, and he is extremely proud to represent Jackson Kayak.

Justin shares his love of fishing with his family, and as a guide with Kayak Fishing Destin. Justin also spends a great deal of time working with his team, The Fly Film Guys. The film team’s first film “StoneFly the Spiritual Journey of a Fly Fisherman” was an instant success, and they are currently working on the next episode in the Stonefly series.

Justin loves all fish, but if asked his favorite, he says it would have to be legendary steelhead of the Pacific Northwest.