Kevin Will

Kevin grew up in northwest Iowa, in the middle of farm  country. He & a few friends were pioneers in kayak fishing. They started fishing from kayaks, float tubes, & small pond hoppers, as it was the best way to get into all the little farm ponds that litter the countryside. He started fishing at a young age, thanks to his father & grandfather who loved to fish. Kevin loves to catch all fish, but bass are his favorite! While in the Army, he expanded his knowledge base fishing in Texas & Virginia. When Kevin & friends started fishing from yaks, there were no fishing specific yaks.  He says, “they weren’t  comfortable & gear storage was limited.”  In recent years he discovered the new breed of fishing kayaks. Kevin tried a few different brands, but eventually it became clear that Jackson was the best fit for him! Kevin says, the Jackson Kilroy is his favorite boat, “I can fish all day, take all my gear, & can be comfortable and more effective on the water! I am honored to be part of the Jackson Kayak Team/family!”

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