Laszlo and Andrea Szekely

We are László and Andrea  Székely, we live in Balatonfűzfő (Hungary). We have lived near the Balaton for 4 years and we blog on

Laszlo says: “I have been fishing for approximately 12 years. I became devoted to kayak fishing in 2010 when I tried a wilderness system tarpon 12. After long anticipation, I acquired a Jackson Cuda 12 in August, 2013, which my wife wanted from me after a while. I have been using a Jackson Big Tuna since December, 2013. We fish for pike, asp and zander most of the times from kayak.”

I am Andrea Székely Nyéki, Laci’s wife. Since I used to fish with my Dad when I was a child, it took me half a year beside Laci to realize that it would be much better to fish again than to just sit and watch him doing it. It is true that I wanted his kayak after he let me try it for the first time. I immediately fell in love with that increadible feeling of freedom. Presently, I fish from a Jackson Cuda 12, mostly in Balatonfűzfő (Hungary) and its area for pike, asp and zander.

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