Luke Brown

Where the muddy water of the Yadkin trickles down into the many of lakes upon it’s chain, you will find a young angler. That young angler is me. Hello everyone, my name is Luke Brown. They say each day is a gift, and I believe this to be very true. During the weekends and days off you’ll find me exploring God’s creation in search for the notorious Largemouth bass. Whether it be tournament angling or just out for on the water for a good time, I always find a smile.

I was born and raised in central North Carolina where I currently reside. Bass fishing encaptured me at quite a young age. I can still remember throwing a shad rap on my spiderman rod just waiting on a bite. Around the age of ten, my father and I entered a tournament and to my surprise we won. From that moment forward, I have been ate up by the sport, and am very blessed to have a State Championship under my belt. If there is anything that bass fishing has taught me, it’s that anything is possible, and I can’t wait to see where the next adventure arises. Oh yeah and one other thing, kayaks can take you anywhere.