Luke Buxton

Luke started fishing when he was four years old.  This mostly consisted of backwater fishing when his family would take a yearly trip down to Florida.  He got more serious about fishing about 8 years ago, but he was confined to fishing from the banks.  4 years ago he saw someone fishing from a kayak and thought that was a great idea, so he started to save his pennies for a kayak, which he eventually got one year later.  He knew right away that this was going to be an addiction, and it has been.  He started fishing tournaments right away, and eventually started to co-organize Kayak Fishing Oho.

Luke spends most of his days chasing bronze backs in and around the Columbus area.  When he is not fishing he can be found at Columbus Kayak, a Jackson dealer.  Luke gets as much satisfaction from helping new kayak anglers as he does from fishing.  He also loves to help with demo days, because he can watch people fall in love with the Jackson Kayak lineup as soon as they get on them!

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