Matt Davis

My name is Matt Davis. I was raised in Lodi, CA which is where I currently reside. I grew up an avid outdoorsman with a variety of hobbies including riding and racing ATV’s, hiking and camping. I have always had a passion for fishing, which is something I got from both my parents and my Grandpa. We spent much of my childhood and adolescent years chasing after trout in the numerous streams and rivers of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  My interest grew into almost exclusively fishing for wild trout, in some of the more remote areas of CA. However, I knew that I was missing many fishing opportunities by only being a bank fisherman.

So a few years ago I began looking at expanding my fishing experience. My Dad and I both bought ourselves kayaks, me a Cuda 12 and my Dad a Kilroy. Since then, my fishing opportunities have greatly increased, fishing rivers, lakes, and the delta. Just in the short time I’ve had my kayak, I have fished all over the state for a variety of species and on a variety of waters. My passion continues for searching out some of the most remote fishing locations and of course, catching big fish!

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