Nathan Rees

Name: Nathan Rees
Location: Wild and Wonderful, West Virginia

Growing up in rural Appalachia, it was nearly impossible to not find myself wandering around the outdoors. I picked up fishing at the early age of 4 and slowly watched it consume me and become a part of who I am. I bought a old jon boat before I bought a car. Rods, reels, and tackle became more important than a new pair of school shoes or having the latest clothing brand. It wasn’t until college that I discovered kayak fishing and I’ll never look back. The amount of water it allows you to access is incredible. Several remote streams and rivers that I’ve been fortunate to wet my line in and cast for fish that have seen very few, if any, baits their entire existence. Whether it be musky, smallmouth, or any other species that swims there is no greater satisfaction than targeting them from a kayak. Just you and the fish and may the best man win.

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