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My name is Pat Cohen. I live in upstate New York where there is an abundance of warm waterstreams, lakes and farm ponds to fish though anything with gills is fair game. I was always a terrible fisherman with traditional gear. I discovered a hidden passion for fly fishing in 2008 and have neverlooked back.

I have been tying flies since January of 2009 and since then have won awards, been in multiple publications, and have sold my flies around the globe. I frequently demonstrate at fly fishing shows, teach tying classes, and do presentations at fly shops and fly fishing clubs around the east coast. I have been using a kayak solely since 2010 as a fly fishing platform.

I make my living as a commercial fly tyer and manufacturer’s representative for Vision Fly Fishing. I specialize in Deer Hair Bass Bugs, but I tie everything from streamers to nymphs. There is nothing like watching a monster bass crush one of my bugs on top or watching a spooky carp slurp up one of my nymphs. Fly fishing is my passion, my calling and my livelihood… to see my flies

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