Peter Neumann

I was born in 1978 in Northern Germany . I startet fishing at the age of 7 at my home base -the Baltic Sea. Every spare minute we went to the sea to go shorefishing, spinnfishing and of course from boats. A few years ago a friend of mine had this beautiful idear to fish of kayaks on the Baltic Coast . I went fishing of boats in Norway, Sweden and lots of other beautiful places- even ice fishing. But it was a far more awesome feeling fishing from a kayak… I simply love it just like the days I started fishing on the Baltic shore!! My first trip with a rod on a kayak led me to the north of Sweden. Seeing the huge lakes up there with all the shallow areas I asked myself: “why not try kayak-fishing up here”. And so the adventure started and ended up with a nice big lake-trout caught on a hardbait. Being surrounded by Sweden’s beautiful countryside I was sort of over the moon! My most beloved species when being out on the water are cod and seatrout. Just recently and i learned how to fish for pike with the flys. I’am so happy to be part of the Jackson team with all these nice guys. I definitely hope to meet many of you guys soon, to share and experience the same spirit together kayak fishing offers me every time I go out. Tight lines everybody!

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