Robert Brown

Like many anglers, my love of the sport started when I was very young.  Fishing has always been a part of my life.  I was fortunate to grow up in a family that loved the outdoors and much of my youth was spent fishing the rivers, lakes, and coastal water of Central Florida.  For us, fishing was not only a way to put food on the table, it also allowed us to spend time together.

There were numerous phosphate pits and creeks within a bike ride from our house.  A trusty Zebco 33 combo and a yellow and black beetle spin was always the go to set up.  If conditions were really tough, a red wiggler couldn’t be beat.  An afternoon trip always had the opportunity to produce a stringer full of pan fish and maybe a nice Florida largemouth.

After relocating to North Alabama, I started noticing the popularity of kayak in the area.  In 2013, I picked up a used kayak from a local rental shop.  It was a little nine and a half foot SOT that had seen some better days.  I immediately fell in love with kayaking and spent as much time on the water as I could.  It was only natural that I would then combine the love of fishing with this new found sport.

My first true fishing kayak was a Big Rig.  I have spent time in many other boats, but my Big Rig has always been the favorite.  I fish mainly the rivers and lakes in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee with an occasional trip back to Florida.  While I enjoy the competition and camaraderie of tournament fishing, I am happiest just quietly floating a stretch of river.