Robert Westin

I’m a fishing nerd down to the bones. That’s not strange for where I live. Here in Swedish Lapland more that 80 % of us are fishing.
As for many others the interest for fishing came from my father. Two years old I ice fished for the first time and after that I was hooked.
Up to the age of 16 I was fishing every free time I had and after that other interest came in focus. When I was 23 years old I discovered the fishing again and have never looked back after that.
1999 I sold my IT company any took one year off. I really didn’t know what to do
After a year of fishing full time I decided to make my hobby into living. In the year of 2000 I began to arrange fishing trips to Swedish Lapland. Soon after that I started to arrange sea fishing tips to northern Norway.
I just love fishing. And now when I have discovered the kayak fishing, new fishing opportunities and new challenges have raised.