Scott Barton

Hello friends!
Scotty B here from Kinburn, Ontario. I’m a multi-species kayak angler, firefighter, husband, and proud father of two young children. I’ve been paddling a Cuda 14 since 2011. 
A few years ago I discovered the joys of tournament angling. It has been a great way to not only challenge myself, but to also meet and compete against fellow kayak anglers who share the same passion. I can’t say enough about the awesome friends that I have made in our tournament group KAAO (Kayak Anglers Association of Outoauis). Encouraging one another to “do better”, the sportsmanship, and positive vibes are like nothing I’ve ever experienced in any other sport. 
Many of my favourite fishing memories have occurred on quiet morning’s on backcountry lakes. The anticipation of what the day may bring begins as soon as the alarm goes off. As you get closer, you can finally see the water through the trees. You get out, stretch and automatically notice the fresh smell of a summer morning, sounds of birds chirping and frogs singing. The feeling of that first paddle stroke, watching the fog lift off the ‘slick calm’ water, the revelation of an epic sunrise as night turns to day. By now you’re giddy with excitement!! You pull out your favourite fishing rod, tied with your
favourite top water lure, and make that first perfect cast. You twitch that bait ever so slightly and next thing you know…BOOM…FISH ON! This right here sums up why I LOVE Kayak fishing!
A huge shout out and big thanks to my supportive wife and kids. 
See you on the water!