Steve Carroll

Steve Carroll lives in southwest Idaho in a suburb of Boise and has called the area home for the past ten years. He bought his first fishing kayak a couple of years ago and started chasing Snake River bass which cemented together his love for fishing and exploring the great outdoors. Kayak fishing really started to pick up for Steve in 2015 when he began targeting the white sturgeon in the Snake River, now with dozens of these 6ft+ river monsters under his belt he’s set his sights on some of the biggest of the baddest sturgeon the Snake has to offer. “Sturgeon fishing from a kayak gives me an adrenaline rush like I’ve never experienced before, it’s the departure from control and the battle to regain it back that keeps me coming back for more”. When Steve is not  chasing the largest freshwater game fish in America, he can be found on the local lakes and ponds hot on the bass fishing tournament trail!

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