Tim Thao

Throughout my whole life, fishing has been the one thing I could not seem to stray away from. Other sports I have tried, but nothing seems to hook you as much as fishing. Fishing connects me to nature, nothings more beautiful than the swift waters of a river. I grew up fishing the banks of rivers and small ponds, which got me hooked on bass fishing. The thrill and fight of hooking a Largemouth bass never seems to get old, whether a small fish or a great, big momma. My uncles were the first in our family to start kayak fishing, the first time I fished from a kayak changed my perspective of fishing. The one-on-one experience you get with the fish on a kayak is like no other. Ever since then I have loved kayaking more and more after every fishing trip.  As a youth angler, I’m looking forward to reaching out to others my age and get kids off the couch and on the water!

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