Capucine Thomas Lepine

Country: Norway, originally from France.

Boat: Zen M


I got the love of kayaking from my father as a child, such an exciting activity that also has the advantage of cooling as I always overheat in summer times. I decided to paddle slalom home in the suburb of Paris but the local club didn’t take me in so I joined another club with excellent spirit, played polo and passed national diploma of kayak instructor. Then I studied civil engineering in Lyon, where I could enter the Alps rivers with immense joy, very solid roll and sometimes unsafely brave spirit. In 2011 I moved to Norway, for that I made controversial choice of working with dams, I wanted to understand how Norway could be best European whitewater land and supply his entire population by hydropower. I started to compete in slalom and river races, got some good and bad results but always enjoyed doing it, local paddlers in Trondheim know I will every time come up with questionable idea of turning any casual trip in boater cross party racing hard down rapids. I earned modesty and confidence as I started to be the one leading and not following anymore, and I widened horizons further by joining expeditions in the Russians mountains of Altai and entering the Sickline race that were amazing experiences yet I am always glad to come home to the great Norwegian rivers. Time passed and I just grow liking kayaking always more, never stop learning and being challenged.

I am glad I could paddle in so many different environments, people you paddle with is a big part of the sport and meeting different kinds of persons teach you a lot in many ways. My best memories are clearly linked to kayaking some intimidating rivers together with trusted companions, but I also enjoyed easy playful rivers. I am proud to join Jackson family who is legendary in the kayaking world and gathers skilled, motivated and nice people that keep evolving. I chose to paddle Zen M as I like river runner and speed, firstimpressionss : boat feels easy from the first stroke, stays dry on boof and keeps speed through rapids. You can follow my activity on facebook or on posts in JK blog.