David Pierron DP

David Pierron Nickname : DP

Paddle since my 6 years old

Experience :

I started to kayak really young by slalom and down river sprint kayak until my 18years old. And them i wanted more sensation, new river and new places. So decided to travel, test some others activities like freestyle, creek, wave ski, snow kayak and stand up paddle.
Today i’m still paddling all supports but freestyle and creek are my best-loved because of sensations and they permit me to travel with my friends, to share and to discover new way.

Achievements :

-3sd Outdoormix festival overall 2014 (France)
– 2sd Teva World Championship team 2012 (Italy)
– 17sd Addidas world Championship 2010, 19sd 2013 (Austria)
– 2sd Salt BoarderCross 2013 (Spain)
– 1st Extreme Slalom buddies Race 2011 (France)

Favorit river :

– Ardéche Aubenas/vogué (France)
– Hawai sur Rhône
– Zambezi

Web links :

Team Oseven




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