David Su

David Su
“Mastah Soo!”, “Davesu” (all one word), “Daveysu”, Dave, Davey
the Fab ’50’s (close enough?)
Amherst, MA

lovin’ & poppin’ my 2013 Rockstar Comp.
droppin’ in my “Flame-ball” Villain S, black-red-orange-yellow
love my old “Flame” XXX for squirting
want a new 3.5m slalom C1/K1 any color, pleaaaase?
splatter Coyote OC1
blue Patriot C2
red Esquif Blast OC2
16′ Mad River Explorer OC2
haven’t found a wildwater C1 or K1 I like yet, but I’ll keep looking 🙂
I would love to try a wildwater C2

expedition paddling for multi-months, Mt. Rainier ascent… for the first summit wedding my job was getting the minister up on my rope, ’92 Olympic trials, 1993 Senior National Slalom Champ in K1, plus Bronze in C1, my oldest student so far was 85yo, youngest was 5 months old.

Crzy? – I did two arctic paddling expeditions and would go back in a heartbeat, I have as much fun teaching as I do paddling – even beginners (I know, right?), I do epidemiology – which is not rashes and itches, I have a thousand tricks for teaching rolling, I’m a vet and worked with nuclear weapons.

Favorite places to paddle:
Anywhere people are having fun on the water.  Canada; love the Ottawa River.
And especially the Little River (Russell and Westfield, Mass), a hidden gem that drains a drinking water reservoir (sometimes), is pristine, has no gauge, visual beta only, rarely runs, is hard to access, and… is soooo worth the hump to get in whenever you can.

I love paddling…
because it totally absorbs me.  I don’t know if the car is still running, if I left the lights on and the cat outside, if the bills are paid, if there is electricity, or if there is a tomorrow when I’m in whitewater.  And NOTHING feels like a hot shower after 3 months of wilderness paddling.

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  1. October 11, 2018 at 11:28 am

    Dave is da bomb!!

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