Ethan Frangenberg

Name: Ethan Frangenberg

 Age: 15

 Hometown: I was born in Norfolk, VA, but I live and paddle on the Potomac River in the Washington, DC area

 Nationality: USA Colombia (my mom is Colombian)

Height: It depends on when you ask me. 15 is a stretchy time. As of now, 5’ 8.4” 

Discipline: Whitewater Boat Ridin’

Favorite boats: 2016 Rockstar S (by magic I still squeeze into a small with the seat all the way forward, haha!), Antix S, Zen S, and craving to experience the Nirvana

Favorite Paddling places:  Fish ladder on the Potomac, Ottawa River, Any creek or river in West Virginia and/or Pennsylvania, and many more rivers on my hit list!

Spirit Animal: Narguana (Cross between the Narwhal and the Iguana)

Favorite Quote: “Let’s go KAYAK!” ~ Stephen Wright 

“It’s not the difficulty of whitewater you run, but how you run it that counts.” ~Clay Wright

Philosophy of Life: Live life not based on the judgements, preconceived notions, and opinions of society. Live the life that makes you happy, regardless of what society thinks of you.

Your Story: I was the first whitewater kayaker in my family. My mom and dad were sea kayakers before then, so they decided to sign me up for a whitewater camp to learn the basics. Only, they did not know that I would immediately fall in love with the sport.  This was three and a half years ago, and I never looked back.  I could not stop thinking about the next day and what we would be doing. The first of many, many kayaking videos that I would watch was the 2013 Short Film awards edit. I wanted to be like all of them!

My parents and my Potomac River community supported me every step of the way. I would go with my dad and all his friends to paddle new rivers. They all taught me and supported me through freezing cold PFD’s of class III water that felt like class V to my tiny 11-year-old self. To this day, one of my favorite aspects of whitewater boat riding is the community and the people that I have gotten to meet. From participating in my first Freestyle Nationals to attending Keeners in Canada, I have gotten to know some of the nicest people in this sport. I am honored and excited to be an ambassador for the sport as a Jackson Kayak team member. 


Goals: Ohhhhhh boy… lots of goals

-Make the world a better place and help the community thrive.

-Make the U.S. Freestyle team 

In the summer of 2018, when I am 16 years old, I want to be fully prepared for and run Great Falls, a Grade V-V+ section of whitewater on the Potomac River.

-Do more stout rivers and waterfalls 

-Improve my Wave Boating

-Stay in tip top shape

-Get a film crew going with my friends

Where to find me:

On the river. Always. And sometimes in school. But for when I’m not on the river doing flippy floppies, here are these:

Facebook: @kayakEthan

Instagram: @KayakEthan

YouTube: Ethan Kayak


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