Garrett Madlock


Name: Garrett Madlock

DOB: 12/26/2000

Nickname: Dirty Q-Tip

Height: 6’2

Weight: 170

Hometown: Brasstown, North Carolina

Social Media: @garrettmadlock   

Favorite River/Wave/Waterfall: Twisted Pleasure on the Jalacingo river 

Favorite Trick: Holding my breath until I pass out.  

Favorite Boat: Jackson Kayak Antix or Nirvana 

Crazy Fact About You: I can fly an airplane 

If Not Kayaking What Else Would You Be Doing?  Skiing or taking pictures!

Why Do You Love Kayaking? I love ripping down the river with my friends. 

Accomplishments: Beating Tom Dolle at Green Race 

Green Race 2018 4th place in juniors

Tallest waterfall- Greeter Falls 55ft

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