Hilde Schweitzer

Name: Hilde Schweitzer

DOB: 6/1/51

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 140

Hometown: Coloma, Calif.

Favorite River/Wave/Waterfall: Grand Canyon of the Colorado River

Favorite Trick: Old style cartwheels

Favorite Boat: Rockstar S, Zen, Antix, and Nirvana Meds

Crazy Fact About You:  Most money made in one day: $750 (river safety for movies and commercials).  Least money made in one day: $0 (hydro relicensing work).  The amount of work required is inversely proportional to what I made.

If Not Kayaking What Else Would You Be Doing? Mt biking on my Ibis Ripley, skiing, snowboarding, hiking

Why Do You Love Kayaking? Anyone who has ever kayaked knows why I love it.  To anyone who has never kayaked; Get yourself a Jackson kayak and find out for yourself!  

Accomplishments: Over 4 decades of guiding people in rafts, paddle boats, and kayaks on the Grand Canyon.  Currently working on hydro relicensing representing private boater interests on dewatered reaches; completed the Upper American River Project and working on the Middle Fork American River relicense.

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