Jacob Walker

Name: Jacob Walker
Age: 18
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 155lbs
Favorite Playboat Rockstar M- If you love play boating, the Rockstar is the way to go. It is incredibly balanced, great for beginners, and yet amazing for even the most advanced kayaker. You will always find a Rockstar on my roof rack!
Favorite Creekboat: 2015 Zen M – This boat is so fast, easy, forgiving, and will boof almost anything. Basically perfection. 
Favorite Rivers: I LOVE any new river, but my favorite rivers are the White Nile, the Ottawa, the North Fork of the Payette, the Tellico, and the Chattahoochee. 
Something crazy about Jacob: I can build you the best looking fence you have ever seen!
Why Jacob loves kayaking: I knew that I was hooked on kayaking after I surfed my first wave. I could not get enough of feeling the water rush underneath my boat, and being able to glide across the waves. Even after all these years, surfing waves is still my all time favorite thing about kayaking.
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