Jair Cruikshank

Name: Jair Cruikshank
Age: 25
Current hometown: Husum, Washington

Favorite Playboat: Rockstar large

Favorite Creekboat: Nirvana Medium

Something crazy about me: I used to be a D1 400 Hurdler.

Favorite Rivers: Ottawa, Little White Salmon, White Salmon, T-Ville, South fork feather, Hole Brothers on the Black River

Why I love kayaking:
My first time kayaking, I flipped over, hit a rock, and received seven stitches above my right eye. It was love at first flip. Now seven years later I am paddling class 5 and learning tricks I had only dreamed of.

Kayaking has allowed me to venture from the East Coast of the US to all over North America. I know that it will also allow me to explore international rivers. I have learned tricks on waves and in holes, learned how to deal with the experiences whitewater can deal out, and learned so much more then I could ever write on paper. Paddling has introduced me to my best friends and shown me my favorite places. I love this sport and I love what it has given me. The feelings I get when I complete a loop, or run a difficult stretch of whitewater, or share laughs in one of the worlds grandest canyons is indescribable. I love kayaking and I am excited to see where it takes me. Most of all I am here to have fun and kayaking is a synonym for fun.