Jeremy Adkins

Name- Jeremy Adkins

Business- Hydrenaline Kayaking- Whitewater instructional business based in Southeastern United States.

Nickname- “Flyin Skeleton

Height- 5’11”

Weight- 175 lbs.

Home States- Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina

Favorite Playspots- Dessert Wave, Columbus Whitewater Park, Hell Hole, Dries of the New, Pigeon Hole, Ender Hole, Salida and King’s Bend

Favorite Creeks- Little River Canyon, West Prong, Green, Oh Be Joyful, Bear Creek, and smaller southern gems like Tellico, Tallulah, Cheoah, Big Scarum, South Sauty and Short Creek.

Favorite Quote-

“No Worries” – Pablo Perez

“Keep on dreaming, because when you stop dreaming it is time to die.” – Blind Melon


Jackson Kayak

Snapdragon Designs

Kokatat Watersports

Astral Footwear








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