Jim Rovekamp

Name: Jim Rovekamp
Born: 04-27-1997
Hometown: Bergschenhoek, The Netherlands
Discipline: Freestyle kayaking
Favorite boat: Rockstar 2014 M
Favorite feature: La Malate
Achievements: 1x dutch junior Freestyle champ, 2nd Junior wieshenwehr rodeo 2014, Junior European championships 2014
I started freestyle kayaking when I was 12 years old. My dad is the owner of a Kayakshop in the Netherlands (Kanoshop.nl) so that is how I got in contact with other kayakkers. He also took me to kayak events which I really enjoyed watching. When I was 12 I went on a trip to France with a kayakschool, also owned by my dad, and I learned a few basics. After this trip I knew I wanted to get better.
Now six years later I have improved quit a lot, I really like to compete in the bigger competitions because of the atmopshere and it’s nice to have a lot of good paddlers in the same place. Besides, for me, kayakking is a way to get away from everyday life. A soon as you step in the car and start driving to a nice wave, river, hole or event the fun begins. I just love all the aspects of the sport, travelling, being on the water, the adrenaline of a big wave and making new friends.
I try to kayak twice a week at our local whitewater course. Once a week Freestyle and once a week in a Creekboat and just go down as fast as I can and grab some eddy’s on the way to get stronger. I also play soccer which is good for my condition and gives me more satisfaction than running.
Future plans: I definitelly want to continue kayaking for a long time. There are so many rivers I still want to paddle like the White Nile, The Zambezi and many more.
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