Kat and David Levitt

David and Kat Levitt

Ages: Both thirty-something

Height and Weight: David 5’7″ 165 lbs and Kat 5’4″ 120 lbs

Favorite Boats: Medium Karma, Star/AllStar, Medium/Large Zen

Favorite Rivers: Cain/North Chick, Bear, Rock, Gauley, South Salmon, Lochsa, any creek in California or Corsica + any big water in Idaho or Canada!

Crazy Fact: We got married while kayaking waterfalls on the Tellico River 10 years ago!

David: 3 Vertical Miles in a day; 1st place Class V division Total Vertical Feet/Eddyflower contest, Ocoee Race Champion + Short Boat Speed Record, 3 Green Races, Freestyle World Cup and US Team Trials competitor, Boise State Wrestler

Kat: 2x Fibark Freestyle Champion, Ocoee Race Champion + Short Boat Speed Record, 2nd place Green Race, US Freestyle Team Trials finalist, Canoe Freestyle World Cup 2x semi-finalist

Plans for 2013: Learn more tricks, paddle faster, and take more kids kayaking!

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