Kazuya Matsunaga

Name:Kazuya Matsunaga

DOB: 08/11/1984



Hometown: Fukui,Japan

Favorite Place to Paddle:Ottawa , Yoshino river(in Japan)

Playboat:16kstar S

Creekboat: Nirvana M


2008 world cup in Switzerland 7th

2009 world championship in Switzerland 17th

2010 world cup in Germany 10th

2011 world championship in Germany 13th

2012 world cup in USA #1 13th,#2 17th,#3 17th

2013 world championship in USA 16th

2014 world cup in Spain 28th

2015 world championship in Canada 39th

2018 world cup in Spain #1 4th


I got paddle when I was 7years old with my father.

I started freestyle competion at 19 years old. The first time i won the japanese championship was 20 years old,and then I became a japanese champion 10 times over.

I love Creeking just like freestyle.I got many first dicents in Japan.

I visited many country for paddling,United States,Canada,Australia,Germany,Switzerland,Spain.. and more.






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