Kevin Parker

Name:                     Kevin Parker

Birthday:               June 18

Hometown:         Berthoud, CO USA

Favorite place to paddle: The Ottawa, Lyons, The Arkansas, and anywhere my friends are!

Accomplishments: After not paddling since college in Georgia, in 2007 I started my son’s in the first year of the Lyons Kids Club, in Colorado, and soon started running the club. Since that time I have continued to organize and instruct the Lyons program, which has helped start a whole new group of great young paddlers. I also manage the whitewater events for the Lyons Outdoor Games.

Playboat:              Med. Rockstar

Creekboat:          Med. Zen

Slalom Boat:       A beat up Gala Sport

Since starting my son’s as young kayakers, I was introduced to the Ottawa river when taking them to Keeners. A trip to Wilderness Tours on the Ottawa has since become an annual event. We have also grown to love self-support trips, either as safety boaters for our rafting friends or solo in my Karma Traverse. Some of my greatest joys have come from watching my sons grow into great kayakers, and in introducing other to the river life and JK kayaks.

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