Landon Miller

Name: Landon Miller 
Birth date: 03/3/04
Playboat: Rockstar 2016/Rockstar 4.0
Creekboat: Antix/Zen
Favorite place to paddle: Grand Canyon or  Green River Narrows or upper Gauley 
Compositions on placements-Nationals 2017-2nd place 
Nantahala shootout 2017-3rd in cadets/1st in c1 beating Tom dolle
Fibark 2017- 2nd in cadet/2nd in c1
Nantahala race weekend 2017-3rd freestyle/2nd in salom 
Nantahala race 2017-1st kayak down river
Nationals 2018-1st place cadets/3rd in c1
Nantahala llm event 2018- 1st cadet/1st c1/4th slicy
GoPro games 2018-19th
Fibark 2018-1st Cadet men
Ocoee river championship-1st c1/2nd junior men/1st down river c1/3rd c1 salom 
Green river rodeo- 14th
Major accomplishments- ran Grand Canyon/Green River Narrows/Upper Gauley all at the age of 12
Records- Youngest kid to c1 the whole  Grand Canyon (age 12)
Other sponsors- wernerpaddles/immersionresearch/happyyaker/watershed_drybags/astralfootwear/surfears/gnarcissist_enjoyyourself/huppybar jarritos/recoverbrands/southernraftsupply/mammothclothingco/hi-chew
Crazy Fact: My Dad wanted me to be a kayaker not a c1er/ I can do a back flip on flat ground!
Why do I love to c1/Kayak:  I have been kayaking ever since I was born, but only ever really got into it in the last 4 years.  I really like to c1 because when ever I hop in a kayak I feel liked and feel in control.  I also like it because it’s all in your control, unlike most sports where you have a team mate and other people to depend on.