Lucien Schreiber


Name: Lucien Schreiber


Age: 18


DOB: 27/11/1997


Years of paddling: 6


Favorites Places to Paddle:

Millau in France, where I was living 5months ago, and Oranmore, a hole created by the tides in Ireland: both are very good holes!!




11th at the Wolrd Championship 2015 (Canada)

2nd at the French Team Trials 2015

2nd at the Natural Games (Millau, France)

3rd at CranaFest (boardercross Junior, Ireland)

3rd at CLifden Beach Party 2015 (Ireland)

4th at the French championship 2014 (Pau)


Boats: 2016 competition Rockstar Medium, 2015 Zen large


I started kayaking in Millau in France when I was 12. I learned freestyle with my friends in a very nice hole. I was living 15min away

from the stadium so I could train when I wanted. I moved to Galway in Ireland 4months ago for my study. I joined the kayak club where

everyone is motivated! I discovered a lot of new holes, waves and beautiful rivers.

I joined the freestyle french team this year, and I went to the world championship this summer. I finished 11th of the competition,

and I spent an amazing trips with my friends in Montreal and on the Ottawa river.

Kayaking makes me happy, it helps me to discover new places, new people, new countries… and travel with friends to competitions, events

and trips is the thing I love the most in kayaking.

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