Lukas Strobl

Name: Lukas Strobl
Date of birth: 27.04.1986
Hometown: Liezen, Styria, Austria
Places visited in a kayak: Switzerland, Korsica, Slovenia, Uganda, Zambia, New Zealand, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica

About me:
I had my first contact with whitewater pretty early when my dad founded one of the first rafting companies in Austria. Just like him, my older brother Chris and me were always drawn to the water even as kids, jumping in on raftingtrips whenever we could.  
Of course I made my guide license when turning 18, and it was just then when I had my first kayak experiences. It was a rough start finding out that a good raft guide is not necessarily a good kayaker without any practice, but the possibilities in the river compared to the big rubber boats kept me going. So from then on I kayaked as much as I could.
After my studies, some good summer seasons and a couple of winter kayak trips later I know work fulltime in the company.
Summer in Austria I am always pretty busy, also responsible now for running one of the bigger kayakschools in Austria,  which is still growing every year.
For me kayaking offers so many different things: I love enjoying some amazing places and remote nature, challenging yourself physically and mentally, just bombing down your local homerun with your friends after work, teaching people and to see how they start to share our passion… the list is end less.  
I am thankfull to have the possibilities to travel the world and meet all those amazing people, and hope that I can still visit some more sick places to go kayaking. 

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