Mikel Sarrasola


Name: Mikel Sarasola

D.O.B: 14(08/1987

Hometown: San Sebastián (Basque Country)

Home river: Leizarán (class IV)

Kayaking since: 1998

Favorited place to paddle: wherever it is enough water and gradient to have some good fun, and if it is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by wilderness, even better.

Boat: Karma M

Accomplishments 2014:
1st Pyrenees Cup
4th Outdoormix Festival (France)
5th Ekstremsportvecko (Norway)
2nd Pyrenees Buddies Race (France)
1st River Guru Extreme Race (Spain)

Trips 2014:
Why I kayak?
Because it gives me the chance to live a different life. It takes me to awesome places and make me live incredible experiences that I had never expected I would live.
I also kayak because it is what I can do best and because when I’m not kayaking I’m always counting the time to get back in the river.
What you feel in the river you don’t feel it in any other place…

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