Miki Sato

Name:Miki Sato

DOB: 2/13/90

Hometown: Tokyo,Japan


Favorite Place to Paddle:Sanjuan-Argentina,


World Cup 2018 Sort spain #1-7th, #2-6th

World Champinship 2017 SanJuan 6th

World Cup 2016 SanJuan  #1-5th, #2-4th

Playboat:16Rockstar S

Creekboat: Zen M







I started kayaking when I was 18years old[in2008]. At first, I did mainly rivertouring and slalom. When I saw some movie donig phoenixmonkey thought that was so cool!! Also I was thinking “I wanna to that skill”,so I started FreestyleKayak. Now, my most favorit move is Mcnasty, and somepeople call me “MikiMcnasty”.

2016world cup in Argentina is my first international competition. Paddler come from all over the world is not only has excellent skills but also is respectable person. Meeting them became one of the significance of participating in the competition.

In Japan, there are many good river that have nice landscapes, ecxiting rapid, steep creek. Since I started use Zen, I’m more fascinated by them.