Patrick Levesque

Name: Patrick Levesque

Nickname: Pato

DOB: June 16

Hometown: Chambord, Quebec

Favorite Place to Paddle: On free flowing rivers…  But more specific: Saguenay in Quebec, I moved here in 2006 because I can find a mix of steep gradient and big water without driving too far 9 month a year. In winter, I either ski or migrate south!

Accomplishments: I’ve been at the forefront of whitewater development in Quebec with documenting new runs (and do first D at the same time), involvement in project like the instruction program reform, the slalom race circuit, the freestyle cups, the development of whitewater festival and starting my own kayaking school and guiding service, Kayak Saguenay.

Playboat: After only 1 sessions before the river froze, I know I will be all over with my Allstar 2013 this summer

Creekboat: Vilain S but since I loved the Zen so much: I”m looking forward for the Karma M

Teaching Boat: LOVE the big Zen for teaching: fast, easy to carve, stable and forgiving!

Crazy Fact About You: That behind my baby face is a hidden side… Most of my philosophies in my life come from the Quebec’s punk and hardcore scene that I’m part of since 1989. I follow a drug free lifestyle (Yep, I’m a Straight Edge) and a vegetarian. DIY and PMA mean something to me and I still buy my music on vinyl. While some people listen to Nickelback, I prefer some good old Minor Threat.

Why Patrick Loves Kayaking: In 1998, one of my best friends suggested that: since I was a competitive swimmer and my others favorites activity was rock climbing and backpacking, I should give whitewater kayaking a try.  I had never heard about this sport before but I trusted her with my life and decided to give it a go.  In that weekend, I discover that if before I was living, now I was alive and I wanted more. The first time I succeed to rolls, my first side surf and my first class II are still engrave in my memory.  I used all my saving to buy my first kayak kit: kayak, paddle, PFD, helmet, skirt and a beat up 1989 VW Fox!

12 years later I can definitively say that Kayaking change my life, I’m now a paddler, an athlete, a slalom and freestyle coach and an instructor trainer who breathe to share his passion of whitewater kayaking.

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