Philippe Lavallée

Name: Philippe Lavallée, eng. CEM, CMVP

Nickname: unclephil

DOB: June 11

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Favorite place to paddle: The “Rapides-de-Lachine” and Habitat 67 wave in Montreal and this river I haven’t done yet!


  • I’m very proud to be raising two magnificent boys and still make time to train and paddle. I now feel comfortable enough to guide my family and friends on the river. The whole family went to visit Ecuador in 2016, which was amazing.
  • After suffering a painful back injury, and with the support of my wife, I took charge of my health by adopting healthier habits, exercising regularly and eating smarter. No more pain and feeling stronger than ever. My love for kayaking keeps me motivated. 
  • I’ve been involved with theMontreal Kayak Clubfor over 10 years. I’ve had a blast putting together 5 editions of MontrealEau Vivewith the club’s support.
  • And last but not least, I still have not given up on kayaking despite progressing sooooooo slowly… Learning new moves is so much fun!


Playboat: Large Rockstar 4.0    –    MY2013 Superstar    –    MY2010 Monstar

Creekboat:Medium Nirvana

Overall Favorite Jackson Kayak: Dynamic Duo!!! It’s great to bring family and friends on the river.

Crazy facts about you: 

I met Ian Vogel at a pool session while he was a student at McGill University. We became friends while working on Montreal Eau Vivetogether. 

I work for the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) as a building energy efficiency engineer.There is an indoor pool 3 minutes from my desk where I’ve recently began playing kayak polo and teaching kayaking. It helps me keep sane during the loooonngg Quebec winters.

My family and I love to camp around Quebec and the Adirondacks, pulling “The lunchbox” around, a kitchen trailer I’ve built. Ask for Poutine!

We love to host visiting paddling families at our house. Shoutout to the Hull’s and the Frangenbergs who come visit us during Montreal Eau Vive.

We are lucky to live and work so close to the river… You can hear the rapids from the kid’s treehouse in our backyard!

I love sharing what I am passionate about, learn from others, and be involved in epic projects.
Hit me up if you want to experience “The Lachines” to the fullest!


Why Phil Loves Kayaking: 

Riding on rivers is just so much fun. It’s like mixing a rollercoaster ride with driving a racecar while enjoying nature and being “In” the water. You can’t put it to words …

Wave surfing is what got me interested in kayaking. The first time I saw it was on a rafting trip in 2004 on Bonnet rouge rapids of the Haute Gatineau river (high tension wave). Big wave surfing keeps me coming back because of the permagrin you get all day after a surf session and the shared stoke with the gang.

Looking forward to my first STAKEOUT as I hit the 40 year old mark. I hope I can keep paddling forever.


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