Rodrigo Tuschner

Name:  Rodrigo Tuschner

Nickname: The Dude Man.

DOB: 17/05/79.

Hometown: The awesome Pucon in Chile.

Favorite Place to Paddle: Of course the magic CHILE.

Accomplishments: Be the most happy paddler in the world…

Playboat: I love to play with my magic VILLAIN.

Creekboat: VILLAIN

Favorite Kayaking Quote:  “RUN THE SHIT BOYS”

Why Rodrigo Loves Kayaking:  By going out an experiencing the beauty of the planet, we live on, we earn and deep appreciation for that we are so lucky to have. Paddle for me is everything, don’t exit any day of my life that I don’t think in kayaking. I am happy to be whit my kayak in places I never thought could be. The best thing about whitewater kayaking is know different places and incredible good friends so go out and enjoy the gutters of the world and don’t forget to share your magical experiences whit friends only together can us being to alleviate damage we humans inflict in our planet.Sharing a magic feeling of a magic person… I love Kayaking

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