Seori Ormiston

Name; Seori Ormiston

Age; 23

From; Oban (Scotland) But currently living in Sort Catalonia.

Favourite boat; Karma Medium (all though the new Zen is growing on me)

Favourite River; Alto Noguera (Sort)

I am originally from Scotland which when has water has some of the best rivers out there.

I am recently back from a trip to Kenya where we were paddling some of the classic river and trying to explore some of the hidden gems that the country has to offer.

I stay in sort (Catalonia) for the summers where I raft and kayak guide to fund my trips to other paddling destinations. 10683726_10152343766847723_6634867894966893281_o (500x333) 10818354_10205861354673943_3576686688494101135_o (368x500) Bottom Bro 2 (2) (333x500) Bottom Brod 1 (2) (333x500) DSC_0284 (2) (500x332) Seori Ormiston (320x320)

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  1. Rio
    June 8, 2019 at 7:41 am

    Seori is the best instructor I have ever met. So thank you.

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