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Name: Stas Vasilev
Nickname: Stasyan
DOB: 05/06/1988
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Favorite Place to Paddle: With warm water and big wave, for example the White Nile, Uganda. Also really like early summer wave in Karelia (North of Russia)
Start competing in 2012, so always in finals at russian competition
2014 Russian Cup Winner
Best place on international competition – 32 on Worlds 2013
Playboat: Rock Star competition M
Crazy Fact About You: Too many to choose that, too mad to tell you that =)
Why Stas Loves Kayaking: Four years ago I saw a video of freestyle kayaking and immediately fell in love with this sport. In my city, can not be found a playspot, so I train on flat water eight months a year and I try to spend all my free time to paddle on white water.
I like to learn new tricks, try new links, open new playspot and meet interesting people.
Kayaking has changed my life for the better way and I’m happy with it!
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