Tommy Piros

Name: Tommy Piros  

Height: 5’9″ 
Joined team JK: age 18
Born near Cleveland OH, 
Raised in a family of activity with exceptional love for whitewater and the beautiful outdoors.
Didn’t take long before kayaking became a passion. Even before my skills were anything special, at age 10 it was clear that just getting away and challenging yourself while having fun with good people cannot be beat.
Some specific reasons why I like kayaking so much:
No matter how good your paddling or where, being around and in valleys and gorges is always beautiful, exciting, and therapeutic  all at the same time. 
The people you meet, and along with that is the instant connection that everyone can share because of the river, which is very powerful.
And last, you get a workout while having a blast!
General Goals I have:
Travel as many places I can and kayak.
Increase pollution regulations and kayak awareness/respect in Ohio.
Increase amount of safe, smart, skilled paddlers in Ohio.
Increase popularity of Cuyahoga Falls Race that I helped start.
Make every river trip souly about having fun!
Something interesting about me:
My parents met as raft guides and then were sprites when we first started showing alot of interest in kayaking.