Valentin Gutierrez

Name: Valentin Gutierrez

Weight: 63 kilograms
Height: 1.73 cm
Hometown: San Rafael, Argentina
Social Media: Instagram @vvale_gutierrez
Facebook Valentin Gutierrez
Favorite river: Fuy river & Diamante river
Favorite trick: Kickflip
Favorite Boat: Nirvana M
Crazy Fact: I use a + 50° angle in my paddle! 
If not kayak what else would you be doing?
Skiing, climbing, running or anything out there in the mountains! And study a lot at the University
Why do you love kayak?
The experiences I ve lived with this sport had change my life and the way I see everything in life. 
Its just so amazing to be able to go out there with your kayak and share some of the most beautiful places on earth with your friends.
Acomplishments: Quarter Finals at Adidas Sickline 2016.
2017, 2018 & 2019 K1 U23 Argentinian Slalom Team
2nd place Guardian del Maipo 2017
See you guys on the river!